We implement charitable projects

aimed at building a prosperous, democratic and strong Ukraine. In particular, we provide financial support to Ukrainian families who have voluntarily accommodated displaced persons for free.

What we do

Today, our charitable activities are focused on several areas.

The first area is financial support for caregivers (host families) who provide free housing to internally displaced persons (IDPs).

After the start of the full-scale war, along with missile attacks raining down on Ukrainian territory, occupation and the deployment of a hundreds-kilometers-long line of hostilities, a large part of Ukraine's population was forced to leave their homes and become "refugees," "internally displaced persons," and "IDPs."

Families from Kharkiv, Mariupol, Volnovakha, Severodonetsk, Lysychansk arrived in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There are families from Kherson and Mykolaiv, as well as from Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. These areas are either temporarily occupied by the aggressor or located in the combat zone. During the occupation of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, many settlements were destroyed and mined, and despite the liberation of these territories, people still have nowhere to return.

A part of internally displaced persons received free housing from the government (often non-residential premises, emergency-equipped for relatively acceptable living conditions for several people in one room), while another part rented housing on their own, at the same time a significant percentage found free shelter in the homes of caring individuals.

By opening their homes to strangers, local residents helped to address the urgent issue of accommodation and assistance to a large number of people who found themselves in need. Refugees from occupied territories received not only a roof over their heads but also moral and psychological support from their hosts.

Our foundation has decided to support the initiative of local residents and provide financial assistance of 1000 UAH per month per household where internally displaced persons live for free to cover utilities, primarily electricity and heating, fuel (wood, coal) for heating homes during the cold season.

Since the beginning of hostilities, ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation has provided financial assistance in the amount of 2,585,869.10 UAH, of which:

  • 1,284,869.10 UAH in 2022
  • 2,445,100.00 UAH for 5 months of the 2023 heating season

More than 430 hosts who provide free accommodation to 1,500 IDPs received assistance.

The amount of assistance does not depend on the financial situation of the host and is provided equally to all households under a single condition - free accommodation for one calendar month for displaced persons.

Assistance is provided in a non-cash form by transferring funds to the bank accounts of homeowners, whose register is compiled monthly by representatives of our foundation in the territorial communities.

After using the funds, hosts provide the Foundation with confirmation of their use for the intended purpose (for payment of utilities).

This is our first and priority area of activity, which over the year since the beginning of the war has grown from assisting 107 homeowners in the Petrykivska community (hromada) of the Dnipropetrovsk region to 430 within three communities of the Dnipropetrovsk region: Petrykivka, Mahdalynivka and Tsarychanka. Find out more

The second area is provision of social welfare facilities, including places of mass residence and attendance, with electricity generators.

Since September 2022, the Russian Federation has been carrying out targeted massive missile strikes on critical infrastructure objects, which have caused numerous human casualties as well as emergency power outages throughout Ukraine. There is an acute need to provide additional sources of electricity for hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and other social welfare facilities.

Our foundation has purchased and donated 9 generators with a total capacity of 76 kW to local communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region to ensure the provision of electricity to educational institutions, social welfare facilities, medical assistance centers, collective shelters for IDPs, and administrative service centers.

The third area is the development and implementation of programs for social and psychological support for the population.

Russian aggression has caused countless tragic and difficult consequences for all segments of Ukrainian society. Psychological support and social assistance to the population are needed now more than ever.

We continue to actively collaborate with our international partners in the development of socially oriented projects and events, which we will be reporting on further.

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

You are eligible for financial assistance if:
  • You reside in Petrykivka, Tsarychanka, Mahdalynivka or adjacent communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region;
  • You have provided free and voluntary shelter to internally displaced persons;
  • You are registered with the local government authority as a person who has provided free shelter to internally displaced persons;
  • The internally displaced persons residing with you are registered as such;
  • The internally displaced persons residing with you have been living with you for at least one calendar month;
  • Our financial support will be used by you to pay for energy and/or utility services.

How to get help?

To receive charitable financial assistance, please fill out the application and send it to the foundation's address.
Ukraine, 01033
City of Kyiv, Tarasivska Street, building 9-V
Don’t forget to submit to the Foundation confirmation of targeted use of funds received


3,729,969,10 UAH

received host families who provided free shelter to IDPs


people got direct or indirect assistance due to our projects implementation


hosts who provide free shelter to 1,500 IDPs receive monthly financial support for payment of utility bills

9 generators

with a total capacity of 76 kW have been purchased and donated to local communities

3 communities

in Dnipropetrovsk region (Petrykivka, Mahdalynivka and Tsarychanka) receive help from our Foundation


international charitable organizations DanChurchAid (Denmark) and Norwegian Church Aid (Norway) have become our partners in implementing projects in Ukraine

26.08.2023 || Stories

Life on the Edge - Stories of Survival and Hope

Our foundation is in touch with the residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region, both with the hosts and with people who were forced to flee shelling and save their lives in safer areas of our country.

We have heard and continue to hear stories of lives that tear our hearts to shreds...

візит нашого представника до домівок

06.03.2023 || Events

Support to hosts who provided free accommodation to IDPs

When Russian invasion of Ukraine started, we decided to help and support those in need wherever we can. As a result, we started to support the residents of the Petrykivka community in the Dnipropetrovsk region, to which a large number of internally displaced persons from...

Енергетична безпека громади

03.04.2023 || Events

Our contribution to the energy security of the community during Russian aggression

Our volunteers and local government representatives on the ground track the needs of the community. When in the fall of 2022, due to massive shelling by the Russian Federation of energy infrastructure facilities across Ukraine, emergency power outages began...

ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation

On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine: before dawn, missile strikes were launched across the peaceful country, and Russian armed forces began a full-scale invasion by air, sea, and land.

Thus began Russia's brutal war against Ukraine. It has already taken the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and forced approximately 12 million people to leave their homes, with 8 million leaving the country and 5 million forced to seek shelter within Ukraine's borders.

We strongly believe that people are the most important value for the development and prosperity of Ukraine. That is why the ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation helps those who have lost their homes and jobs due to the war, supports those who provided them with shelter, promotes the development of local communities, and meets their needs. Together, we will stand firm and build a strong and conscious civil society!

About the foundation

We are representatives of peaceful professions. We aspire to live and work in a free and prosperous country.

Charity is not our main professional activity. However, when Russia attacked our country, providing charitable assistance as a contribution to supporting our society and individual people became a priority for us.

In the first months of the war, our partner - CHAPLYNKA-ISKRA LLC, which operates in the Dnipropetrovsk region and is one of the largest taxpayers in the Petrykivka community, provided financial support to people who sheltered internally displaced persons from other regions of Ukraine. After three months of such work, we realized that it would be more effective to create a charity organization that would be dedicated to provide assistance not only with its own resources but also be able to attract additional sources. Thus, in June 2022, ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation was registered, and in July it received the status of a non-profit organization.

To date, ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation has attracted international donors and partners, developed its activities in new local communities, and expanded areas of charitable assistance.

The mission of our foundation is to build a sustainable and conscious civil society, in which every person is guaranteed fundamental rights, freedom, and social protection, with human life as the greatest value.

ISKRA VOLY Charitable Foundation continues to successfully provide financial support to people who have become true caregivers for displaced persons. Compensating for the cost of electricity and heating during the cold season remains a priority area of our foundation's activities.

We also develop and implement other charitable projects.

Our team




Co-founder and project development expert


Co-founder and chairman of the Foundation


Finance expert


Social work expert


IT expert


Communication expert


Procurement expert

Why people trust us



It is one of the key principles of our Foundation! We work according to the Ukrainian legislation and we report to the international charitable organizations and donors.


Monitoring and control

Our foundation directly verifies the accuracy of the information provided, visits the homes of hosts who provide free housing to displaced persons, communicates with local residents and representatives of local self-government. We meet and know the people we provide assistance to!


Anti-Corruption Policy

We have adopted an Anti-Corruption Policy, developed by our partner with 100-years experience DanChurchAid, and have undergone training to apply follow its provisions in practice.


Non-cash settlements

We’ve resolved to use only non-cash settlements, which enables us to track the movement and use of funds at every stage of our work and to report transparently to our partners and donors.

Moreover, in the fall of 2022, we began collaborating with charitable organizations from Denmark DanChurchAid and Norway Norwegian Church Aid. The first was founded in 1922, and the second - 1947! Both have impeccable reputations, are part of the international coalition ACT Alliance, and implement long-term humanitarian projects, including jointly with the UN.

These charitable organizations are funded by their governments and citizens, large foreign and international companies, and have high standards for monitoring and controlling the implementation of projects by local partners. We proudly declare that our foundation is a partner of these organizations, and we comply with all requirements for implementing humanitarian projects in Ukraine.

We express our deep gratitude to DanChurchAid and Norwegian Church Aid for their assistance, support, and their work in Ukraine. These organizations have provided and continue to provide emergency life-saving assistance to people affected by the war (housing, food, heating, medicine, essential items), psychological and material support, as well as demining of liberated territories in Ukraine and delivery of educational trainings on dealing with explosive objects and safety rules for children and adults. We sincerely thank them and are happy to be part of this work, and we believe that together we can do more!

Contact information

Ukraine, 01033
City of Kyiv, Tarasivska St. 9-V

Identification code 44678496

Chairman of the Foundation - Sergii DAVYDENKO

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations

Date and entry number in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations
27.07.2022 , 1000681070002063449

Activity types
88.99 Other social work activities without accommodation, n.e.c

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